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New House Construction – Time Lapse Video
updated May 14th, 2022

Groundbreaking Ceremony, Sigma Chi Fraternity – Eta Xi Chapter
February 19th, 2022

In The News

APSU fraternity house breaks ground“. MainStreet Clarksville, February 24th 2022. (Josh Smith)

Sigma Chi breaks ground on new fraternity house at Austin Peay State University” ClarksvilleNow, February 20, 2022. (Lee Erwin)

The Eta Xi Chapter and House Corporation would like to thank all of those who have graciously donated to the capital campaign in the past. We are currently in a very important stage of the capital campaign. The reality of a new chapter house for Eta Xi is as close as ever…..and your support can make the difference!

Please consider making a donation to help secure the future of the Eta Xi chapter. Your support brightens the shine of our White Cross.

Click here to view the House Corporation presentation “It’s Only A Pizza!“, detailing the progress of the capital campaign and how your involvement is crucial to its success!

Capital Campaign

Since 1973, The Eta Xi Chapter has been producing leaders of men along with creating unbreakable bonds of Brotherhood. Our experiences through Sigma Chi are irreplaceable and as alumni it is our duty to make sure that the current and future undergraduates of the Eta Xi Chapter have the same experiences as well all had.

Brothers, on behalf of the Eta Xi House Corporation it is time for a call to arms to provide a permanent housing option in which past, present, and future brothers can call home. Listed below is the new strategic vision of the Eta Xi House Corporation which outlines our mission to provide a permanent housing option for all Brothers.

“The Lifelong Commitment”

The Lifelong Commitment is a monthly/Quarterly/Semi-Annual automated bank draft program established through Planters Bank in Clarksville, TN. This program allows a donation to be directly withdrawn from your bank account.

Benefits of “The Lifelong Commitment”

  • Ease of use: the program is run “in-house” meaning that a Sigma Chi Brother will process all transactions. No third-party or outsourced call center to deal with.
  • All issues can be addressed by phone to Board Members Frank Pierce or Scott Glasgow
  • Minimal cost to the House Corporation: Through past withdrawal efforts (PayPal) there have been high service costs (2.9% +.30 cent Fee PER TRANSACTION). Through the Planters Bank automated bank draft system, the House Corporation is charged a flat rate of $15 per month. There is no limit on the number of transactions we can process or members we can sign up.

You can donate

Complete the two forms below (“Donation Form” and “Debit Authorization Form”) and submit to the Eta Xi House Corporation for approval.

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    Additional Message

    If you prefer to contribute through a one-time donation via mail, checks may be sent to:

    Eta Xi House Corporation
    PO Box 69
    Clarksville TN, 37041

    (Please make checks payable to “Eta Xi House Corporation”)